Accurate screening

An ElaN language screening or audit consists of three simple steps. After all, a clear process results in clear results.
Five or five hundred candidates? It doesn’t matter, thanks to our attractive Assessment Packs which include up to 1,000 Lingua Tests and/or screening interviews (via your online comfort zone MyAudit). We also have an interesting licence formula for big companies.
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Does my candidate or employee possess the right language level for this job? The online LinguaTest will tell you immediately. It is the perfect tool to separate the wheat from the chaff during the first recruitment or audit step.
How does it work? Every candidate receives a login and password for the online comfort zone MyElaN. There they can fill in the LinguaTest. As soon as the test is finished, you receive the results. This way, you will know instantly what your candidate is capable of.
Would you like to try it out for yourself? Then do our free LinguaCheck now.

Screening interview

The second step, a screening interview, guarantees a more detailed image of every participant’s language skills. The screening interview is a personal interview with the shortlisted candidates and an experienced language trainer. This will tell you exactly how skilled every candidate is.
A face-to-face screening or rather online? It’s up to you!

Evaluation report

Naturally, you would like to know how each candidate has scored. To access this information, all you have to do is consult a detailed online report about the screening interview and the Lingua Test. You can even check the answers provided to each question by your candidate or employee.
Based on the above information, our language screener assesses every candidate’s active and passive language skills. These skills are linked to a level on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) scale. This will tell you if your candidate is an absolute beginner or a language genius.