For everyone

At ElaN we don’t believe that one size fits all. We deliver tailored recruitment support. For one-person shops, SMEs and large companies. We also provide customised screenings for bottleneck jobs. Just think of IT staff, engineers or nurses. On top of that, our language service is the solution for recruitment and job agencies that want to test their candidates’ language level.
As you can see, ElaN has a ‘cards on the table’ approach. Our trump card? Our comfort zone MyAudit, a part of the online platform MyElaN. There, your candidates, HR manager and our language screener have everything at their disposal to make your search a successful one.
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One-person shop

Let’s say you want to hire one or more employees but you don’t have the skills or the staff to test your candidates’ language level. This is logical, since you are on your own… Don’t worry! We will ensure you won’t waste any time and that your candidates’ language level is thoroughly screened.



As an SME, you would like to hire a new employee to conquer the international markets. Good for you, your business is booming. But as soon as your job opening is posted online or advertised in the newspapers, the application letters keep coming and you don’t know where to start. In situations like these, you can count on us. Our language screening will deliver the best candidates to you on a silver platter. 

Large company

Finding international talent: nowadays that’s a major challenge for big companies and multinationals. Our language screening, whether or not personalised, will make the search for new colleagues a lot easier. Looking for a sales whizz who can produce staggering sales figures? We will meticulously test your candidate, based on specific sales jargon. So you’ll know who is fit for the job.  

Are audits your core business?

The current war for talent also puts a strain on recruitment and job agencies. We can make your work easier via our specific services. We can, for example, create databases that inform you about the language level of all your tested candidates. Convenient, time saving and useful for future audits.
Our online platform MyElaN allows you to manage all your screenings in an easy manner. And you can receive all your candidates in a professional and personalised environment.


A little additional help is always welcome, especially if you were not aware it existed. Ask our experts for what subsidies your company is eligible.