Bottleneck jobs

The war for foreign talent is on! But how do you find the people you need? Such as IT staff or engineers. Or nurses and cleaning personnel.    
ElaN is your ideal recruitment and audit partner for every bottleneck job. We help companies and recruitment & selection agencies to make the best choices. For example, via our (fully tailored) languages tests and screenings.   
But we go one step further. Differentiation between candidates? Extra language courses for new employees? Everything is possible.  
On top of that, we help you keep track of things effortlessly. Your personal comfort zone MyElaN allows you to closely monitor the results of all your candidates and employees. Online, whenever and wherever you want.

Language training

Imagine you have recruited a Polish nurse. She will definitely need a Dutch course. Thanks to MyElaN and our flexible training formulas, she can already start this in Poland. She can continue immediately in Belgium, with extra courses on medical jargon. Our individual programmes aim to prepare every employee for success in their position. Online, face-to-face or a combination of both.


Your new employees will have to deal with a lot of paperwork once they have settled. This is often very difficult for foreigners. Not to worry, you can request any kind of translation via MyTranslation, your personal translation platform on MyElaN. We will provide them to your employee as fast as possible. Whatever kind of document: a form, letter, presentation or leaflet...


Sometimes the language barrier is too much for new employees. In that case, an experienced interpreter can be extremely useful. ElaN can provide a professional interpreting team, whatever the language concerned. Exotic or not. In the near future, our interpreters will even be able to interpret remotely, thanks to our state-of-the-art Remote Confaerence Interpreting system (currently being developed). No matter where in the world you are stationed.

Always the right choice

You want to recruit the best person for the job. That goes without saying. Thanks to our effective screening procedure, you will know instantly what your candidates are capable of. At your request, we can even harmonise our procedure with your profiles. Do you need a nurse or an engineer? Then we stuff our LinguaTest and our screening interview with medical or technical jargon. We can integrate every professional terminology into our tests. That way, you can rest assured your candidate is the right choice.


ElaN Languages continually works on updating terminology glossaries that are relevant to your job or sector. See below for some examples.