At ElaN, your expats are in safe hands. A tailored language training, before and after moving? Check. Translating important documents in their new country? Check. Professional interpreters who can tear down the language barriers abroad? Check. As you can see, our expat programme knows no limits.


On top of that, everything runs smoothly via MyElaN, our convenient online comfort zone. You can easily monitor everything and there are lots of great tools for expats. Discover the advantages of this service here.








Language training

Language training for expats? ElaN knows what to do. Our learning programmes are always tailored. With special care for the partner and children. If necessary, we will create an individual programme for everyone, based on the language needs and interests.
Flexibility, you say? Flexibility guaranteed with the formulas on our online language platform MyTraining.


We will always support your expat. Like when they need translations.
Urgent administrative documents? A presentation for your expat’s new colleagues? Every translation can be requested effortlessly online via MyTranslation, our translation platform on MyElaN. We will deliver the translated text to your expat at a moment’s notice.


Imagine your expat is abroad and has to organise an international congress... Now what? Not to worry, ElaN to the rescue! We will assemble the ideal interpreting team in no time.
And that’s not all. Soon your interpreters don’t even have to be where you are. Thanks to MyInterpreting, they can carry out their interpreting assignment remotely. Coming soon...

Vital headstart

Thanks to ElaN, your expats will be able to get off to a flying start even faster. Your expat can, for example, already start a language course in their home country via our BabblPro formula. This can be continued in their new destination, face-to-face with the same coach. ElaN helps your expats settle into their new surroundings in no time.