International mobility

The international job market is moving like never before. But all this talent needs to be nurtured. That is why ElaN helps you with selecting and assisting expats and their families. Our experts will gladly immerse them in the language and culture of their new country.

Are you bringing over new colleagues for domestic bottleneck jobs? Then our screenings and training programmes come in handy too. We design tailored programmes for each bottleneck profession.

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Internationale mobiliteit


From recruitment to training, your expats are in safe hands at ElaN. Does your expat need a language course, a translation or an interpreter? One address: MyElaN. On top of that, we can also provide a language and culture immersion for the entire family.

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Bottleneck jobs

Having trouble filling your vacancies? Are difficult job profiles your core business? ElaN is also your ideal partner for every bottleneck profession. From audits about training programmes to follow up services. We help you select and train the right person for the job. Also abroad. With maximum differentiation, if necessary. We can, for example, perfectly adjust the screening and training of IT personnel, cleaning staff or any other profession to their sector’s jargon.


Our online tools offer your foreign talent a comforting basis.

On top of that, our tools enable you to keep track of things effortlessly. Your personal comfort zone MyElaN allows you to closely monitor the results of all your candidates and employees. Online, whenever and wherever you want.

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"My position involves a lot of business travel. As a result, I had to switch to online lessons to keep up my Dutch. Although my first choice was to organise lessons via Skype, I quickly switched to BabblPro. This web class concept is very easy and perfect for learning a language remotely. I learn just as fast and comfortably through BabblPro as through face-to-face lessons! In short, I’m extremely happy with my choice."

Bulat Subaev


Bulat Subaev - Managing Director - Lukoil Central Europe and Benelux


Our service entails more than just language training. Because feeling at home in a foreign country requires more than that. What customs are typical in your new home country? How can you make sure not to offend your new friends or colleagues? ElaN’s intercultural workshops teach your relocating employees the cultural dos and don’ts of the destination country.