With MyAudit, your personal HR zone on MyElaN, your recruitment and audit process has never been as easy. MyAudit guarantees you will get the person with the best language skills for the job. Whether for an SME, large enterprise or selection agency.
You will receive candidates in a professional and user-friendly online environment. And you can simply invite them for a language test and/or screening interview. On top of that, you can immediately see their results.
Do you like to monitor everything? Our extensive screening reports allow you to keep tabs on each candidate.
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Invite applicants for a language screening here. Specific points of attention? Bring them to the attention of your language trainer here.
Too many applicants? Upload an Excel list with all your candidates in your MyAudit zone and invite all of them at once with just one mouse click.  


This overview shows the screenings of all your candidates. Check each candidate’s score on the LinguaTest and screening interview.


Consult a detailed screening report of each candidate here.

Tailored to your candidate

Your company image. It is something every applicant and employee takes into account, whether consciously or subconsciously. MyAudit gives your candidate the feeling they are welcomed in a professional way. This is anything but a minor detail, especially in today’s job market, where candidates are more than ever making decisive choices about where to work. 

Even more comfort

MyAudit is just one part of the MyElaN platform.
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