For ElaN, high-quality service is an absolute priority. Also for our HR language services. We will not settle for anything less than top quality.

This is evident in every area. From our language screenings and audits to the development of convenient tools such as the LinguaTest and MyElaN, our online comfort zone.

Our HR language services guarantee the best possible guidance of all your employees. Whether they work in Belgium or abroad. ElaN will cross boundaries for you. Together with our talented employees, but also with you.

Experienced screeners

Would you like to know the language level of your candidates or employees? Our experienced language screeners will accurately check the language skills of every candidate and employee. And they will give them a clear score on the CEFR scale. So that you will know exactly what they are capable of. 

Top language trainers

Our experienced language experts guarantee high-quality training programmes. Is your expat’s family getting a language and culture immersion? Our language trainers have the didactic qualities to teach children and can relate to their world without any difficulty. On top of that, they are acquainted with the basic professional jargon. Whether they are training an engineer, a nurse or a cleaning lady.

Professional advice

Does your internal candidate qualify for the position offered or is a language training necessary? Will your favourite candidate reach the desired language level? What language knowledge is still missing in your sales team? Your personal contact at ElaN provides expert advice on how to use or expand your language capital. After thoroughly analysing your situation, of course.

Clear agreements

One thing has to be clear. We make transparent agreements and write these down in a cooperation agreement. So you will always know what you may expect. Also when it comes to quality. Language training for expats? Skills courses for your employees? Your human capital is in safe hands with ElaN. By the way, our translations are also excellent. Our EN 15038 certificate is proof of this.



Not satisfied about our services or approach? Not sure about the quality? Mention it to your ElaN contact person!  
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