Resting on our laurels is not in our nature at ElaN. That is why we are constantly striving for innovation in our services. MyElaN, our digital platform, offers far-reaching solutions to all your language and translation issues. 

And very soon, MyInterpreting will also increase your comfort for all your interpreting assignments. It has all the relevant information for customers, organisers, participants and interpreters about a meeting or a congress. User-friendly and online.  

Tolkwerk MyInterpreting


Information about your conference or meeting, multilingual terminology glossaries, a translation of your presentation, useful addresses… As a participant, you will enjoy all the benefits of your own personal online lounge.  

  • Agenda
  • Profiles of interpreters and participants
  • Useful terminology
  • Translation service


The meeting agenda, multilingual briefings, terminology glossaries and more. MyInterpreting provides comprehensive information on your interpreting assignment. It couldn't be simpler.

  • Agenda
  • Briefings
  • Useful terminology
  • Etc. 


MyInterpreting makes life easier for the organiser too. You will find everything you need to ensure that your meeting or conference runs smoothly.

  • Agenda
  • Information about your interpreter, participants, etc. 
  • Information on interpretation equipment
  • Etc.

More innovation?

Interpreters hopping from one European country to another, attending multilingual congresses and meetings? Almost a thing of the past. Thanks to our new, advanced web tool our interpreters will soon be able to do their job remotely, from a central location. Good news for you! Because this means you can save on travelling and hotel expenses for the interpreters. And at the same time you are promoting a greener solution. To be continued.

Read more about other R&D projects of ElaN Languages.

The ultimate in comfort

MyInterpreting will launch in the near future. Until then, other comfort zones on MyElaN will assist you. ‘Park’ the agenda and briefings of your congress in MyTraining. Or order and consult the minutes of your meeting on MyTranslation. Just like that.