An international medical congress about Botox therapy? A football coach interviewed by the international press after a European match? Whatever the interpreting assignment, it requires a tailored approach by specialists. ElaN has them at its disposal. For over 20 years. Our interpreters will overcome every language barrier and will ensure that your message is conveyed correctly for every audience. With an eye – and ear – for quality.

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Strong network

ElaN Languages has an extensive network of interpreters. We know precisely which interpreters have experience with medical, legal, technical or other specialised subjects. After all, only an interpreter familiar with your company, jargon and sector can guarantee the quality you expect.

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Quality is our most vital asset. ‘Empty words’ you might think. Not at ElaN. Because we will always select the right interpreter for every assignment.

And we will also thoroughly assess the interpreter after each assignment. Was the right vocabulary used? Did the language live up to your expectations? With your feedback as a guide, we examine whether we could perform even better in the future.

Experienced interpreters

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. That is something we cannot change. But we can make sure that we understand each other. That is what our experienced interpreters are for. They will always listen to your wishes and expectations, even when wearing headphones.

An ElaN interpreter always steps into the interpreter’s booth well-prepared. Acquainted with your professional jargon and surrounded by the right technical equipment. It just goes to show how professional they are.

What do we stand for?

Clarity and quality. A team of specialists will deal with all your questions concerning every aspect of our collaboration. Always striving for the highest quality. It is no coincidence that we were the first Benelux translation agency to achieve the EN 15038 certification, the European quality standard for translation services.



Not satisfied about our services or approach? Not sure about the quality? Mention it to your ElaN contact person! Your feedback will help us improve our service even more.