Starting strong

Starting something new is always a challenge. Except at ElaN. Our professional three-step intake procedure will help you get your language training off to a good start.
What are your language needs and strong points? What could you do better? The intake procedure establishes your language proficiency and interests, so that you don’t waste any time getting started and can get the most out of your training.
Based on the intake we make a proposal for your personal training programme, together with you. A programme that is fully tailored to your personal and professional language needs and expectations.
Ask for more information about your possibilities today.  

Intake in three steps

1 Needs analysis Behoefteanalyse + LinguaTest LinguaTest

We analyse the learning objectives of each trainee and determine their starting level in Dutch, French, English, German, Italian or Spanish online via a LinguaTest. You can test your language skills today with LinguaTest’s little brother, the LinguaCheck.

2 Screening Screeningsgesprek

After the LinguaTest, an experienced language screener analyses the trainee’s language skills via a personal interview, either online or face to face.

3 Evaluation Evaluatierapport

In a detailed report, each trainee’s written and verbal skills are scored based on the CEFR scale. If you, as an HR manager, would like to monitor the entire screening process of your employees, you can. Your online comfort zone MyElaN allows you to keep a finger on the pulse at all times.

Intake Pre-course Training Aftercare