Language trainers

A successful language training comes with qualified language trainers. That is why ElaN works exclusively with highly qualified trainers and we regularly offer them training opportunities. Every trainer has an online coaching zone, the ideal spot to prepare and monitor language courses. These and other useful tools allow a coach to fully concentrate on his and your goal: a perfect language training.
On top of that, ElaN is always prepared to learn from its trainers. If we are developing a project concerning innovative training we will always ask for their precious advice. That is just a matter of common sense.


In an ideal world, your language coach can fully focus on the perfect language training. This world does exist and it is called MyTraining. This online coaching zone offers your trainer nothing but benefits

  • all practical information about a training at one location
  • news about didactic innovations, train-the-trainer sessions, course material
  • useful tools, developed for and by professional language coaches

The added value of this approach? It saves time and results in a better language training. 

Useful tools

MyElaN’s tools make a trainer’s job a lot easier. On top of that they are developed by our in-house trainers. And they know what a professional language coach needs:  

  • LinguaTest
  • WebClass
  • ScribblPro
  • Teaching materials


ElaN evaluates

An ElaN trainer is constantly being assessed. By ElaN and by the participant. Is the course content not what you expected? Do you question the didactic approach? With the help of your valuable feedback, our managers are kept up to date during evaluation interviews. 

Motivated coach with an open mind?

ElaN is always on the lookout for new talent. So register on our recruiting site and become a MyElaN trainer. The support of our experienced team comes with the job.

Visit our trainer's site for more information.