Tools for trainers

MyElaN’s tools make the lives of our language trainers a little easier. Because these tools allow them to stay in touch continuously with every trainee. Do they have a busy schedule? No worries. They offer all the flexibility necessary to guarantee the continuity of the language course.


The LinguaTest provides every trainer with clear insight into the grammar and communication skills of a trainee, based on the CEFR level scales

The result? There’s no time-wasting at the start of a language course: the trainer knows perfectly what every participant needs. And immediately knows which aspects should be tackled during the screening interview. This makes the whole training process a lot more focused. 



Language course 100% online? BabblPro allows trainer and trainee to meet each other in a virtual training zone. The trainer has all the tools at his/her disposal to guarantee a complete online learning experience: whiteboard, chat function, webcam, high-quality audio and video clips. All you have to do is upload a text, presentation, PDF or other file, and the trainee and trainer can get right to work together, each on their own screen.
On top of that, the trainer can also see how many courses have been given and how many are left via MyTraining. Functional and very useful indeed.


The supporting web tool ScribblPro ensures that every language course runs even smoother. This self-study platform allows the trainer to provide every trainee with tailored exercises, based on level, interests and points of attention. What’s more, BabblPro allows the coach to discuss the ScribblPro exercises with the trainee online. An ideal solution for keeping track of every participant’s progress.

Motivated trainer with an open mind?

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