MyTraining, your comfort zone on ElaN, is a convenient platform where you can organise your own learning process or that of your trainees or employees. It is filled with practical information about your language training and features smart digital applications, such as an appointment module and a Park & Collect for all your course material. It also provides access to the WebClass or ScribblPro tool. And MyTraining makes it easy to fill in your LinguaTest and other evaluations. In brief, everything is neatly bundled in one overview. 

Thanks to MyTraining, participant and coach can completely focus on the language training. And you, as an HR manager, can always keep up to date thanks to the extensive evaluation and reporting information



Where and when does my course take place? How can I contact my coach or look at the course manual? MyTraining allows you to manage your language training online.

  • Make appointments online
  • Practise with ScribblPro
  • Upload and download course material
  • Meet your coach online


MyTraining also provides maximum comfort for language trainers. It has all the tools to allow the coach to shape the language training course.   

  • Study screening results
  • Look at the trainees' goals
  • Keep track of the schedule and evaluations
  • Plan online and offline courses

HR Manager

MyTraining is also a handy tool for HR Managers. It allows you to organise your employees’ learning process and get a full overview of the report information

  • Consult the training schedule
  • Check evaluations
  • Analyse attendance

Handy online tools

Fancy learning a language, wherever and whenever you wish? MyElaN’s user-friendly online tools guarantee a smooth, flexible and efficient training process. Learning a language has never been easier. 

Additional comfort

MyElaN also offers other language services at the click of a button. Explore the other free comfort zones of MyElaN too!

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