A successful language training is all about an effective plan. At ElaN, the road to better language skills consists of three steps: intake, language training, follow-up.

First we analyse your goals and needs thoroughly. Only then do we create a customised training in consultation with you. And as a cherry on the cake we make sure you stay in touch with the language you studied.
Do you need language support for your training? Our personalised pre-programmes are guaranteed to get you on the right track.

Ask for more possibilities about your possibilities today.

Student - Trainer - Student


During an accurate intake ElaN will, together with you, select the right formula and the appropriate building blocks from our training range. The result: an optimal training programme. The intake consists of:

  • Analysis of your language needs
  • LinguaTest ((to determine starting level)
  • Screening interview
  • Evaluation report

Discover everything there is to know about our intake procedure.


Tailor your training to your schedule, budget and needs. 

  • Formulas for every need: ClassicPro, BabblPro, MXPro
  • Individual or group training (individual programmes within group programmes are possible)
  • Versatile training offer
  • Interim evaluations
  • Adjustments during training are possible

Everything for maximum differentiation during your training.


ElaN offer creative follow-up solutions to make sure you stay in touch with the language you studied. Together we select a ‘maintenance solution’ that works for you: at the office, fully online or on location. The possibilities are endless!
Discover everything there is to know about our flexible follow-up solutions.

Personalised pre-programme

Sometimes a participant’s level can use an extra push or certain points of attention pop up beforehand. In that case a personalised pre-programme is the best solution. This way, each participant is well prepared for the start of a language course.

Novice or polyglot?

Curious about your starting level? Test your knowledge of Dutch, French, German or English now via our free LinguaScan, the LinguaTest’s little brother.

Personal advice

Would you like to receive obligation-free advice on the ideal learning programme for you? Based on an accurate intake, ElaN would be happy to work out an action plan together with you. A plan that is fully tailored to your personal and professional language needs and expectations. Ask our project managers for more information now.