A good start...

Do you need to brush up your French verb conjugations or get your high school German up to the starting level required?
A personalised pre-programme will help you maximise your chance of being successful in the actual language training. Whether it is an individual or group training.
Contact us today for advice on the best pre-programme for you.  


Individual training

Are you set for a professional skills workshop but is your starting level not quite good enough? Looking for a quick way to get some extra practice in certain areas? You can always catch up via a short pre-programme (Upgrade) or with a self-study package. As a result, you will be well prepared and able to get the most out of your language training.


Group training

If the intake reveals that the levels within the group differ a lot, then a short pre-programme can help create a more homogeneous group. This way everybody can start at the same level and the programme will yield higher returns both the trainees and their employer.

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