ElaN strives to guarantee high-quality service. Because providing top quality is our mission.    

This clear message is embedded in everything we do. From the selection of professional language coaches, the development of useful tools for MyElaN, the constant trainer and training evaluations to the enduring urge to innovate.   

We will not settle for anything less than top quality. Together with our talented employees, but also with you.

Language trainers

Quality starts with excellent language trainers and ElaN has plenty of them at its disposal. Obviously, we don’t leave them to their own devices. On the contrary. Their job is made a lot easier by the professional tools in their personal online comfort zone MyTraining. Also, we regularly give them the chance to update their knowledge via training courses. And you reap the benefits of this.


The numbers tell the tale. That's why ElaN constantly assesses every aspect of a language course: coach, exercises, material... Obviously, the participants may also voice their opinion. During the course, which allows us to instantly adjust. But also after it's finished. Is something not going as it should? Don't wait for the evaluation, inform your contact at ElaN. This keeps us up to date. 


At ElaN, quality also equals sound advice. About subsidies, for example. Make sure to get in touch with our specialists. They will tell you everything about the various subsidy options in your region.

What do we stand for?

Clarity, quality and comfort. We make clear arrangements and put them in a straightforward cooperation agreement. So you will always know what you can expect, also when quality is concerned. But standing still equals regression. That's why we're always looking for new ways to improve our service. Definitely timesaving!  


Not satisfied with our services or approach? Unhappy about the quality? Inform your ElaN contact! Your comments will help to improve our service.