Skills in a foreign language

Would you like to hone your professional skills in a foreign language? Our Skills workshops teach you the tricks of the trade. The trainer speaks your native language and teaches you useful tips and tricks in the language of your choice.

Presenting in a foreign language

It isn't easy to give a clear, structured presentation in a language that isn't your own. After this workshop, you will have the skills to face your foreign-language audience with greater confidence.

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Negotiating in a foreign language

Putting across your position clearly, reacting fast, presenting and refining your arguments all in a foreign language: these are the skills you learn during the Negotiating workshop.

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Telephoning in a foreign language

How do you communicate by phone effectively and professionally with a foreign language speaking contact? Learn everything you need to know during the Telephone workshop.

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Handling complaints in a foreign language

When a customer has a complaint, he or she expects a professional response. Learn how to turn an angry customer into a satisfied customer.

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Meeting in a foreign language

You need to be able to keep pace with and play an active role in meetings. This workshop will increase your impact in the boardroom - in a foreign language.

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