Requesting quotes, monitoring translation and interpreting projects, taking language courses, doing language tests, employing HR Language services... our language support is only a click away on our online platform MyElaN. Whenever and wherever.

Whatever the language issue you need to tackle, MyElaN makes your life easier. And that of both your customers and employees and our translators and language coaches. Because everyone benefits from having his/her own piece of ElaN online. The result is a streamlined collaboration and an optimal return on your investment in language services.

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It’s completely free!
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Efficiency and user friendliness: the assets of MyTraining, your personal language training zone on MyElaN. The ideal online platform for participants, language trainers and HR managers. 

MyElaN - MyTraining


Offering optimal comfort for each and every user is the point of departure of MyTranslation, your personal translation zone on MyElaN. The answers to all your translation questions are within reach on this useful online platform. Whether you are a project manager or a purchaser. 

MyElaN - MyTranslation


Monitor language screenings for your candidates? Consult the results of the language audit? With MyAudit, your personal HR zone on MyElaN, this has never been as easy. 

MyElaN - MyAudit

ElaN innovates: MyInterpreting

Comfort and flexibility is also our motto when it comes to interpreting services. So we created MyInterpreting, your personal interpreting zone on MyElaN. MyInterpreting will be launched soon. Until then you can consult the other MyElaN online comfort zones for all the information you need on meetings and congresses. Whether you are the organiser, a participant or an interpreter.


MyElaN in your house style? If required, we can reformat our professional online platform to suit the look and feel of your company. Feel free to ask us about the options.