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Sitting idly is not something we are very good at. On the contrary. In fact, innovation is what makes our heart race. And do you want to know what makes us even happier? Developing innovative projects with companies like yours. After all, what is done together is done better. By taking advantage of each other’s strenghts as partners, we will both move forward faster. Call it what you like. ‘Synergy’ or a ‘win-win’ situation. Or even better: ‘common sense’.

Other companies, such as Language Partners, Thalento and The Presence Group have blazed the trail for you. Our combined efforts are helping both them and their customers. Read more about these partnerships in the column on the side.

Would you like to build something beautiful together with us? Feel free to contact us with your (wildest) ideas or proposals.

Language Partners

Cross-border partnership

Language Partners (LP) is a leading Dutch language service agency with its head office in Amsterdam and is specialised in B2B language training.

The company has a distinct vision: language training only has an effect if you enjoy taking it. Thanks to the enjoyment and feeling comfortable, the course members use the language with more self-confidence. And this results in the best performance at the language training.

Language Partners wants to develop into a major European player and continually invests in the quality of its products. The aim is to become the European standard in B2B language training.
To optimise the language support of customers with branches in Belgium and the Netherlands, ElaN Languages and Language Partners entered into a partnership in the autumn of 2014. Specifically, this means that ElaN will provide language training for the Language Partners customers in Belgium and that LP will do the same for customers of ElaN in the Netherlands.

This Belgian-Dutch cooperation fits in a broader European partner network that also enables training these course members in France, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and the United Kingdom.


Online assessment

Thalento is a Belgian company specialised in e-assessment and talent management solutions that are offered to HR departments in companies.

The product is available in 20 languages and was completed with ElaN Languages’ LinguaTest in 2014. This online language test provides an accurate image of the language skills of applicants or employees in a company. This offers companies an even more complete profile that not only maps out the achievements, motivation and competencies of the candidate but also his or her language level, across various industries and functions.

Secretary Plus

Community for HR professionals

Since November 2013 ElaN Languages has concluded a partnership with Secretary Plus, which has been the largest reference for management assistants in Belgium for many years. Thanks to the website WeAssistYou.com, this platform is an added value for all those involved: students, office assistants, employers and HR companies.

As a language partner and supplier of trade-related content and relevant language tools, ElaN Languages contributes its share to making WeAssistYou.com the digital place to be for all office professionals.