A good translation is more than just the stringing of words together in another language. It is a complete process that relies on clear procedures, proper agreements and good follow-up.
Complemented by effective tools, practical software and professional support from skilled staff.
This is the foundation for running our operation. It has guaranteed the quality that makes ElaN stand out for over 20 years.
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Vertaler workflow

Preliminary analysis

This is the territory of our project managers. Based on your source text, they select the best and, where possible a dedicated, translator. Then, together with you, they set a deadline with enough time to meet it. As soon as you give the go-ahead, our project managers monitor the project closely. They make sure your files are translation ready, brief the translators and ensure the deadline is met. They are also available at all times for your questions.   

Online tools

The right tools make translating all the more easy and fast. That is why we ensure our translators have all the resources they need: dictionaries, terminology glossaries, background information, reference websites and encyclopaedias. Many translators also use CAT tools, specialised software with translation memories that make the translating process even more efficient. Something that you benefit from as well. Your translations take less time to complete, are more consistent in terms of language use, and easier on the wallet.

Creative translation

Translating in a nutshell? Convert one language in the other and voila! We don’t mean to burst your bubble, but translating involves a lot more than that. It takes serious thinking and creativity. And this is precisely where our extensive network of specialised translators can make a difference. Because whatever text you throw at us, we’ll counter with a spot-on translation.  

Sharp revision

Each translation at ElaN Languages is subjected to two pairs of eyes. First the eyes of the translator, then those of our experienced in-house reviser. He/she compares the target text to the source text, verifying that the translation is complete and accurate. But also if the text is fluent in the target language, which is always the native language of both the translator and reviser. In addition, we also try to assign exclusive revisers to each job to ensure they familiarise themselves with your style and terminology. The result is that you get a translation that you can rely on every time.

Ready for delivery

Translation ready? Then our project managers convert the text into its original format and perform one last check before your translation is sent out. By the way, you decide how you want us to deliver the document. Large translation project? We will be happy to provide you with partial deliveries, if necessary.

Feedback welcome

Your feedback is invaluable. Because your input allows us to give our translators feedback and evaluate their performance better. Are there any specialist terms or words that you use regularly? Please let us know so that we can update your translation memory. This way we can guarantee consistent quality, now and in the future. Would you like to view or reuse old translations? One address: our convenient online platform, MyTranslation.