Quality first!

ElaN Languages was the first Belgian agency to receive the European quality standard EN 15038 for language services. That brings a number of guarantees with it. You know that a native speaker will translate your text and a second translator will subject it to a thorough revision. Furthermore, there are strict requirements for the recruitment and selection of translators.

But quality is more than a standard, it is an attitude. ElaN goes above and beyond the EN 15038. Read more about our consistent quality controls

EN 15038

Reliable translations from and to Turkish

Looking for a translation partner? Trust is the determining factor when making your choice. But how can you trust your language partner when Turkish sounds like double Dutch to you? Answer the following questions and your choice will be made a lot easier!

  • Does your language partner work with native Turkish translators?
  • Does your language partner have the relevant experience in your sector?
  • Do your Turkish translations push the right buttons with your target group?

Hundreds of companies call on our translation services. To name a few: IBM, GDF Suez, EDF Luminus, BASF, PRA International, Omega Pharma, Lidl, Lukoil, Sara Lee, Danone, Nike, USG People, Thomas Cook …

... No worries. We don't only supply Turkish translations to large multinationals. Smaller enterprises and private individuals can also make use of our services. You will receive your translation on time and at a reasonable price.

Quality Turkish translators

Languages are alive and kicking. We demand the same of our translators: each and every one of our translators must have a feel for the language and love it dearly! That's why we only select translators who live in the country of the target language and we guarantee that your text is translated into their native language. Because of our extensive translator database we can guarantee short delivery times. Even for large documents with sharp deadlines.

Our selection procedure is extremely strict. Before we actually employ translators to make translations for us - and for you- we have them perform a test translation. Only 25% pass this test. That is your guarantee for top quality translations in Turkish.

The best translators convert English, French, Dutch or German into Turkish for you.

For our translations from any language into Turkish we will only use professional translators with Turkish as their native language and a thorough knowledge of the source language. Our translators live in a country where Turkish is the country's main language and only translate documents on topics they are familiar with. 

Read more about our translations or ask for an online quote right away.