Our translators & revisers

Our 2,000 native translators are the beating heart of ElaN Languages. The engine that we run on. They produce faultless translations of your texts into their native languages.

So we like to take care of them, with powerful tools and personal support. But we also provide them with clear feedback and assess their work on a regular basis. Our experienced in-house revisers make sure of that.



Translators should be allowed to work in comfort. That is why we created the MyTranslation zone. Our specialists find everything they need there to produce quality translations. 

  • Source documents
  • Terminology glossaries
  • Translation memories
  • Project managers
  • Clear information and feedback

Online tools

ElaN doesn't simply throw translators into the deep end. On the contrary. We analyse texts, provide glossaries, reference documents and up-to-date translation memories. We even take responsibility for the different file formats required by the clients.

This comprehensive support allows our translators to work in peace. A quality translation in their native language is their only concern.  

More than freelancers

Our translators are not just freelancers. They are our partners, like-minded professionals with whom, following a strict selection, we set about achieving our common goals. The primary goal? To guarantee you the highest quality service.

We know their specialisms and interests, their strong and weak points. Excellent tools make their job a little easier. We also provide regular feedback and are objective in our evaluations. Transparency and respect are key to any working relationship.

Two pairs of eyes

Each translation at ElaN Languages is subjected to two pairs of eyes. First, those of our native (freelance) translator. And next, those of our native reviser (in-house revisers for the common languages). The first translates your source text fast and effectively; the second checks, refines and improves it, where necessary. This way, your text gets the best attention – linguistically and stylistically. If required, you can even select a dedicated translator and/or reviser for your translation projects. Continuity and consistency guaranteed

Talent welcome

ElaN has an extensive network of translators. But there is always room for extra talent. Do you have sufficient experience as a translator? Are you interested in working for one of the leading companies in the business? Then send us your CV.  If your test translation meets our expectations, we will be happy to welcome you as a new partner.