BabblPro: 100% personalised online language training

BabblPro allows trainer and trainee to meet in a virtual classroom with all the tools at their disposal to guarantee a complete online learning experience: whiteboard, chat function, webcam, and high-quality audio and video clips. All you have to do is upload a text, presentation, PDF, or other file. Trainee and trainer can get right to work together, each on their own screen.

Nothing but benefits

BabblPro’s guarantee? Optimum coaching with the greatest level of comfort:

  • Lots of interaction: the trainer and trainee can contact each other whenever necessary via webcam and chat
  • User-friendly: no downloads or installation; easy navigation
  • Learning made fun: web-based course material with multimedia content (including audio and video clips)

Want to see BabblPro in action?

Meet Joe and find out how he discovered all of BabblPro’s benefits…