Language screening - For a clear picture of the language proficiency of your chosen candidate or employee

Does my candidate or employee possess the right language proficiency for this job?


Our language screening is the perfect way to assess the level of his or her language proficiency. It’s useful for recruitment agencies and HR firms that make their money through recruitment and selection. But it’s just as handy for small and large companies that hire new employees. Thanks to our language screening, we can provide you with the best candidates on a silver platter.


Or would you like to gain insight into the language capital within your company? Our screening will reveal your organisation’s language strengths and weaknesses.

Language screening

Would you like to set up a language screening for your candidate or employee?

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Your ElaN screening procedure always entails three steps.


An online test that instantly establishes the language proficiency of your candidates or employees.

Screening interview

An experienced language screener will personally interview the candidate or employee to gain a more accurate idea of that person’s language proficiency.

Screening report

The results from the LinguaTest and the screening interview are covered in a detailed report.

Test your candidate’s skills

Are you looking to test your candidate’s competences and motivation in addition to their language proficiency? This can be done using the e-assessments from our partner Thalento, a specialist in talent management & HR. These evaluations let you see immediately if your candidate is the right choice.


Ask about Thalento’s expertise. We will be happy to get you in touch with them.