Legal translations

Decrees, contracts, deeds, statutes, summons, judgements, agreements, etc. Sooner or later, we all come into contact with legal documents. And then something as minor as an incorrectly placed comma can have serious consequences. Let ElaN Languages take some of the stress out of the situation: we are known at home and abroad for being a trusted partner for legal translations.

Take advantage of a competitive price for your legal translation.

Translators with legal expertise​

We will select your ideal expert, someone who has mastered the legal jargon in both the source and target text, from our extensive network of translators. A specialist who accurately uses the correct terminology and knows both legal systems.


ElaN translates all types of legal documents for all types of (international) customers: law firms, notaries, legal departments within companies, etc.


Do you need a sworn or legalised translation? We’ll take care of it – with the utmost discretion, naturally. And of course, we will be happy to sign your confidentiality clause.

ISO certification
1,800 freelance translators
30,000 translation assignments each year
50,000,000 translated words each year