Medical translations

The translation of medical documents requires the utmost care. A correct translation can literally be a matter of life or death. The ideal cure? ElaN Languages! Because we have been working for many companies in the medical and pharmaceutical industries for years.


Our translators know the medical and pharmaceutical sectors inside out. Regulations, clinical trials, hospital conventions, training courses for medical representatives, leaflets, packaging materials, etc. – medicine holds no secrets for us. We also deal with promotional material where we use a blend of informative, scientific and appealing language to get the message across.

Take advantage of a competitive price for your medical translation.

Expert medical translator​

Specific terminology. The medical field is rife with it. That is why ElaN Languages always selects a medical translator who is perfectly familiar with medical and pharmaceutical jargon. Your guarantee? Our specialists will convert any medical text into any language with nothing less than surgical precision.

Satisfied translation customers​

Among others, international pharmaceutical companies, CROs, manufacturers of medical aids, hospitals, medical publishing companies, and insurance companies have put their faith in our translation services.


Our customers include Across Health, Arseus, Erasmus Ziekenhuis Brussel, Eurogenerics, Flen Pharma, GymnaUniphy, Kasa Consult, Merck Sharp & Dohme, Perrigo (Omega Pharma), Reflexion Medical Network, and many more.

ISO certification
1,800 freelance translators
30,000 translation assignments each year
50,000,000 translated words each year