Get the most out of your language training programme with ROE

Will my language training programme have the desired effect? Is it worth the investment? Legitimate questions, which ElaN Languages can definitely answer.


Because our innovative learning concept, ROE (‘Return on Expectations’), lets you get the most out of your language training programme.

Language training

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How do we achieve this?

Thanks to ROE, we focus fully on the trainee’s objectives. We also involve the manager(s) and colleagues in the learning process. You have access to the proper resources (such as supporting study materials) and will have the opportunity to use your new language in and around the workplace.


The result at the end of your training programme? You can immediately use your new language skills in daily professional situations!

Stay in the learning zone

Never forget: learning a new language doesn’t stop when the class ends. You must continue to practise the language you learned or polished, even after the training course is done. At work, at home, together with friends, wherever. Every opportunity is a good opportunity to practise.

Aftercare emails

After the training course, you will receive three emails with enriching audio, visual, and reading exercises. Also available: useful tips & fun games. This way, learning stays fun.

How can you get the most out of your language training? Just ask our advice!

Our ‘Return on Expectations’ (ROE) approach guarantees maximum returns. So, contact Peter Vaes today. He will be happy to outline ROE’s added value in detail for you!



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