Sworn translations

Do you need a sworn translation of a diploma, memorandum of association, marriage certificate, etc.? Then call upon ElaN Languages’ assistance. We have a sworn translator for practically every language combination.


Why would you need a sworn translation? Some official documents are not automatically legally valid outside the country in which they were issued. A sworn translator who is registered with a court of first instance must first translate and get them sworn. To do this, he puts his signature and stamp on the translation. By doing so, the translator certifies that the text is a true translation. That also immediately gives the document legal validity in the country of the court at which the translator is registered.


Sworn translation

Do you need a sworn and/or legalised translation?


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Legalisation of your documents

Sometimes, a sworn translation is not enough and you must have the documents legalised before they are legally valid. If that’s what you need, then ElaN Languages is the place for you.


The sworn translation is then stamped at the court of first instance. At the court, the translator’s signature is compared to the signature in the register of sworn translators. ElaN Languages will happily help you successfully legalise your documents.


Remember: it is not always necessary to legalise your documents. To avoid any unnecessary costs, it is best to inquire about this with the relevant authority.