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Our interpreters are at your service

ElaN Languages works with interpreters of all shapes and sizes.

Are you organising a conference with simultaneous interpreting? Would you like to have your international experts’ instructions translated for your employees? Do you need a sworn interpreter for your legal affairs?

ElaN Languages selects an interpreter based on their experience and expertise. So you can be sure that you will have the best possible interpreter working with you.

Conference interpreters

During a multilingual conference, it is crucial that all participants understand the presentations and the information. So an interpreter will be vital. At ElaN, we always employ a minimum of two congress interpreters per language.  They will simultaneously interpret the speaker’s words into the target language of your choosing.

Legal interpreters

Embroiled in a legal dispute in a language that you don’t even speak? Then you should consult a sworn interpreter. He or she won’t automatically win your case, but such a specialist has enough legal knowledge to assist you in the foreign language. This service is also useful for the execution of deeds, marriages, or drawing up contracts. 

Company interpreters

Organising a Works Council meeting or trade union meeting?  Installing new machines or production lines on the work floor? Then company interpreters are hardly a luxury. They convey the speaker’s words or the technician’s instructions in plain language.

Whisper interpreters

You are probably familiar with chuchotage, or whispered interpreting, from the news. For this type of simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter listens to the speech and whispers the translation into the listener’s ear.


ElaN is there to help during your seminar, meeting, or conference. Our experienced minute-takers will take notes of everything that’s being said during a meeting.

Tolkwerk | ElaN Languages
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