All assignments, even the most urgent ones, are neatly structured and delivered on time. The translations are very good and ElaN can sense just what we need.
Elin De Vits – Randstad Group

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Customer testimonials
What do ElaN's customers think?
The communication with ElaN is always smooth and friendly. Quotes are mailed to us in no time, urgent translations are always delivered on time and the quality is good. On top of that, ElaN always takes into account the jargon for each translation. I definitely recommend them for fast and high-quality translations.
Farah Vander Mullen - LS Bedding nv
We recently switched from subtitling to voice-over for our leadership videos. It turns out that non-English speakers find it easier to understand a voice-over, which helps us get our message across. We are very satisfied with ElaN's voice-over service and work with voice actors to make our training material more personal. And all of that in the sixteen languages that are used in our company. No small feat! Even if it is not about voice-over, ElaN always finds a tailored solution whenever we encounter a challenge. They come highly recommended.
Mathilde Osswald - CRH Group
We bring cyber security to the attention of our target group by using online videos. A professional voice-over is crucial to convey our message clearly. After a bit of searching, we ended up with ElaN and we haven’t looked back since. Flawless sound quality, voice actors with the right accent and perfectly recorded speech. On top of that, ElaN is fast and professional. Just excellent!
Bert Bleukx - Stark-Security
ElaN Languages’ service in a nutshell: Flexible, fast, and solution-oriented. Brochures in InDesign format are translated without any problems and always delivered in the same layout. For urgent projects, we can always reserve a translator who will handle the job within the requested deadline. Moreover, the translators know our field well and, thanks to translation memories, we can count on consistent and less expensive translations.
Stephanie Gross - Reynaers Aluminium
At Unifiedpost Group, we provide platforms all around the world that make administrative and financial processes simple and smart. We are well aware of the fact that a big part of our success is due to our ability to localize our different platforms. Which is why we needed a robust translation agency able to cover our needs within a strict time frame. With ElaN Languages, we have found a true partner supporting us in more than 25 languages with strong but flexible processes and meeting our high quality standards.
Véronique Flamand-Somers - Unifiedpost Group
Within Miele, we’ve been working with ElaN, a very reliable partner, for two years now. They never miss a deadline! Their platform for translations is also very user-friendly. Besides the standard translations, we often use their ‘Fast Track Service’, which means we can get short texts translated in just a few hours.
Melissa Boeykens - Miele
ElaN has been a trusted translation partner for a long time because I’ve also worked with them in previous jobs. We at ASAP can always count on ElaN for timely and correct translations. They brainstorm with us to make the translation work even more organised. ElaN also has a wide range of services and you really feel valued as a customer.
Evi Baeten - ASAP
We can always count on ElaN for fast and high-quality translations. The correct jargon is very important in our technical sector. It is therefore a great advantage that ElaN has different translator profiles. The translation memory also ensures consistency and quality. Deadlines are almost always met, and they are always open to feedback. We highly recommend ElaN!
Jeroen Peeters - Q8Oils
ElaN Languages is totally familiar with the professional jargon used in the construction sector. That was instantly the main reason for choosing ElaN to be our language partner, together with the convenient online portal where several people in our organisation can submit assignments. Technical construction translations pose no problems for them, and if we do have feedback, this is always taken to heart. ElaN strives to meet the requested deadlines as accurately as possible, and if it does not succeed occasionally, this is communicated transparently. It’s a great way to work!
Loïc Verstraeten - Willemen Groep
ElaN Languages works fast and accurately. All assignments, even the most urgent ones, are neatly structured and delivered on time. The translations are very good and ElaN can sense just what we need. If a text is not translated as fluently, it is always fixed. That’s great because this helps us avoid unnecessary additional costs. Machine translations can’t beat ElaN by a long shot because you brainstorm with us and retranslate – all without changing the meaning of the text.
Elin De Vits – Randstad Group
As an international company, we at Renson are working more and more intensively with ElaN Languages. We rely on their expertise for brochures, online texts, emails, press releases, and technical sheets in various languages. Their speed is a major advantage. At the same time, ElaN Languages aims successfully conclude projects in the most efficient way possible. Conversely, the translators use our feedback in a targeted way, which means that the partnership runs very smoothly.
Hilde Defraeye - Renson
Testimonial ElaN Languages
Newsletters, event invitations, ... We often communicate online, so speed is of the essence. ElaN Languages translates our texts eloquently, and always with respect for our deadline. The technical terms that sometimes occur in our industry are never an issue for ElaN. To everybody at ElaN Languages: job well done!
Pieter Deprouw - ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems
Testimonial ElaN Languages
ElaN Languages is always incredibly supportive when it comes to high-quality translations. At Honeywell, we greatly appreciate the quality of their work and especially their customer-friendliness and highly professional approach to things. It makes translations a pleasant thing in spite of their challenging nature.
Bernard Nys - Honeywell
Nexans has worked with ElaN Languages for the translation of its marketing communication for years. It is very important that native translators, with knowledge of our specific technical jargon, handle our texts. Moreover, ElaN always guarantees a professional approach, accurate translations and a swift delivery.
Marianne Servez - Nexans
ElaN translates directly in our InDesign files, which really helps our graphic designers. The online customer portal is also very useful: requesting quotes, placing orders, checking our order history, and more. Everything is quick and orderly. Plus, it’s always pleasant to interact with them; they are friendly, respectful, and professional.
Robbie De Wit – Würth
Every week, ElaN Languages provides Tracs Systems with impeccable, fluent translations for the German market. The German language training courses given at our company are also very professional. ElaN Languages’ service in a nutshell: flexible, punctual, and always an excellent relationship!
Anthony Vavrinek - Tracs Systems
Testimonial ElaN Languages

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