Terminology Management

Terminology Management

Consistency Across Every Word

In the global marketplace, the consistency of your message is key to maintaining brand integrity and effectively engaging with international audiences. ELAN Languages’ Terminology Management services lay the foundation for your consistency, ensuring that every term used across your communications is accurate, industry-specific, and culturally relevant.

Elevate Your Brand with Precise Terminology

Let ELAN Languages refine your approach to international communication with expert Terminology Management.

A Tailored Terminology Database

We develop customised terminology databases for our clients, capturing the essence of their brand and industry. This involves meticulous research and collaboration with subject matter experts to compile a lexicon that reflects your unique business context and audience.

Ongoing Management and Optimisation

Terminology is dynamic, evolving with your brand and industry. Our services include continuous updates and optimisations of your terminology database, ensuring it remains current and aligned with international market trends.

Integration with Content Strategies

Our Terminology Management services seamlessly integrate with your overall content strategy, enhancing clarity and cohesion across all communication channels. This strategic alignment ensures that your global messaging resonates with precision and authority.

Integrated into Every Translation

Our Terminology Management services are fully integrated with our comprehensive translation offerings. This close collaboration between terminology and translation processes guarantees that every piece of content we translate adheres to your established terminology standards.

Elevate Your Brand with Precise Terminology

Establish and maintain a clear, consistent brand voice across the globe.

Why choose ELAN Languages for Terminology Management?

  • Expert Linguistic Insights: Our team infuses every terminology project with deep linguistic expertise and industry knowledge to, keep your database both comprehensive and accurate.
  • Advanced Technology Support: Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, including AI-driven tools, we efficiently manage and update your terminology assets, keeping them relevant and accessible.
  • Global Consistency: With a focus on maintaining the integrity of your brand, we ensure that your terminology is consistently applied across languages, markets and platforms to reinforce your international presence.


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