Translating is the core activity at ElaN Languages translation agency. Our specialist translators deliver faultless texts in the chosen language within your deadline. No matter how tight it is.


At ElaN Languages, each translation is handled by two native speakers. The first translates the source text and the second revises the translation until it is perfect. The nature and difficulty of the text don’t matter.


We guarantee the very best translators because we are constantly assessing their quality. We only utilise the ones who score the best.


Urgent or complex translation? There’s no extra charge. Any language combination, any subject, and any file formats are accepted.

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Take advantage of a competitive price for your translation, with or without revision.


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Personalised assistance

Our project managers take care of every detail of your translation projects and are ready to provide you with customised answers to all your translation questions. Plus, our online platform, MyTranslation, lets you easily maintain an overview.

Less expensive translations

ElaN Languages is ISO 17100-certified. That means your translations are always revised by a second native speaker. This is your quality guarantee.


But sometimes, this kind of revision is less important. These include things like internal company documents or texts that will be ready by a limited group. In that case, you can opt for an unrevised translation. The instant, perfect solution for those needing to keep their translation budget under strict control. This option is only applicable for translations from and to Dutch, French, English, and German.


Would you like to know if your translation really needs revision? Then don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email: – +32 (0) 11 49 04 68.

ISO certification
1,800 freelance translators
30,000 translation assignments each year
50,000,000 translated words each year