Certified Translation

Certified Translation

Certified Translations For Organisations and Individuals

ELAN Languages' Sworn or Certified Translations provide the assurance and reliability needed to excel in a global environment. Whether you are branching out overseas, engaging in cross-border transactions, or fulfilling personal legal needs, our certified translations stand as a testament to accuracy and formal recognition.

Trust in Every Document

Our sworn translation services guarantee that your documents are legally recognised across the globe. From business contracts and legal paperwork to personal documentation like marriage certificates and academic credentials, ELAN Languages provides certified translations that meet both legal and formal requirements.

Personalised Support Throughout Your Journey

Navigating the intricacies of sworn translations can be a daunting challenge. This is why we offer dedicated support tailored to your specific needs. Our team is there to answer any questions you may have, provide clarity and assistance every step of the way.

Document Legalisation Services

A certified translation alone may not suffice — your documents might also require legalisation to achieve full legal validity. ELAN Languages is perfectly positioned to guide you through the process of document legalisation, ensuring your documents meet all necessary legal standards.

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Translate your (personal) documents for official procedures, authorities and cross-border recognition.

Scope of Our Sworn Translation Services

Catering to both corporate and private needs, our sworn translation services cover all types of documents, including birth and marriage certificates, legal contracts and agreements and immigration papers.
Sworn Translation


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