DIY translating or an external professional?

9 July 2020

Save time, save money and... say goodbye to worries

Letting your colleague(s) handle your company’s translations? Seems like a good idea at first. But is it really? Because translating is often a lot trickier than initially expected.

Suppose you want to translate a PDF of a technical manual into four languages ... Do you have the necessary experts in house? And who will be in charge of the layout? You see, a DIY approach can become more than you bargained for.

Choose ElaN Languages, your translation expert 

Avoid unnecessary risks and let an expert such as ElaN Languages take care of your translation process. Say goodbye to your and your colleagues’ worries. Besides, you have a lot to gain:

  • Cheaper: repetitions in a text? Thanks to ElaN Languages' translation memories, you automatically pay less for them.
  • Convenient & user-friendly: the MyTranslation online platform makes it easy for you to keep an overview of all your translation jobs. From request to delivery.

Together to the perfect translation 

Are several internal employees or even an external communication partner taking care of your translation assignments? MyTranslation brings together all the key actors for your translation. This also benefits consistency, because your company’s familiar style and terminology will be taken into account with every assignment.


And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. ElaN has even more assets to ensure a smooth translation process. Curious? Read our blog post.

Increase your translation returns

Call Johan Noël, our Business Development Director, on 011 49 04 68. Or simply send him a message on His clear and practical answers will allow you to easily save (translation) time and money.