ElaN continues to meet ISO standards for translation and post-editing services

19 July 2021


After a thorough check of our translation services, ElaN Languages still complies with the international ISO quality standard 17100. Audit agency Bureau Veritas evaluated our services with a score of no less than 98.3 %. We also passed the ISO standard for post-editing with flying colours.


For the ISO 17100 standard, Bureau Veritas looked at the requirements that translation agencies have to meet in various areas: follow-up of translation projects, the transparency of our procedures, our quality assurance, the competence of our translators and revisers, contact with clients and translators, etc. "We achieved a good total score of 98.3%", says Patrick Simons, Resource Manager at ElaN Languages.

Quality guaranteed

When you order a translation from ElaN Languages, you can rest assured: “Indeed, the ISO 17100 standard also includes several important guarantees. The customer knows that a native translator will translate their texts and a second native speaker will revise that translation, if that service is requested”, Patrick explains. “We have everything in-house in terms of technology, including up-to-date translation memories and other resources, to guarantee the highest level of quality. Our project managers closely monitor every translation project, thus completing the picture. Audit agency Bureau Veritas gave us extra praise for our Fast Track Service, where we translate short translations within three hours. The fact that we constantly adapt and update our internal systems was also very much appreciated.”

ISO standard for post-editing

With a score of 97.4%, our ISO 18587 certificate for post-editing was also renewed. Our Translation Department’s Team Lead Marjolein Liefsoens explains: "In post-editing, our translators polish up a text that has been processed by a translation machine and turn it into a reliable, easy-to-read document. Post-editing is an interesting option for texts with a recurring character, for example. In that case, the translation process is faster and cheaper.”


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