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ElaN joins forces with OneLiner

08 September 2020

Fusie ElaN - OneLiner

As a translation agency, we strive for the best for our customers every day. We have some very good news in this regard: we’re joining forces with OneLiner, an industry partner from Sint-Niklaas. Thanks to the merger, we will become the largest 100% Belgian player in the languages sector, and will soon be in the top 75 of translation agencies worldwide.

CEO Robrecht Beliën of ElaN Languages gladly responds, “We’re very proud of this milestone; it’s the icing on the cake for our thirtieth anniversary this year. But even more importantly, our customers reap the benefits. After all, they benefit from even more efficient service provision thanks to economies of scale and our shared technological expertise.”

Koen De Smet, founder of OneLiner, adds, “In addition to economies of scale, we also see significant opportunities to expand our smart (online) solutions. Thanks to the merger, we will benefit even more from developments in the world of translation, such as machine translation and the increasing digitalisation. Our shared ambition is to become the pre-eminent reference for affordable, high-quality translation work on the Benelux market.”

Growth through innovation and cooperation remains our spearhead. In the meantime, we have also acquired a majority stake in Password BV, a well-known name in the field of quality translations in the Netherlands. Our training division, ElaN Learning, took over the B&D skills company from Heverlee earlier this year. Robrecht Beliën adds, “Similar initiatives will be set up in both Belgium and the Netherlands to reinforce this growth ambition in the short term.”

This much is clear: whatever the language, translation, or training question, all our employees are more than ready to do their utmost to help you !

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