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ElaN Languages – Your one-stop-shop for all your language questions

02 May 2023

Vertaalpartner ElaN Languages

ElaN Languages is the right place to be for all your professional translations. But did you know that we can also help you with all your other language questions? From copywriting to desktop publishing to subtitling: we have the solution for every language-related need.

You ask, we deliver

Whatever your request, these services will help your business move forward:

  • Copywriting: our copywriters transform your message into a promotional text that strikes just the right chord with your customers.
  • Linguistic revision: a native proofreader will add that extra layer of gloss to your text, including a spelling and grammar check.
  • SEO copywriting & translation: want to get your multilingual website to the top of Google’s results? Our SEO specialists will sprinkle unique keywords throughout your web texts that will tempt even the most indifferent search engine.
  • Post-editing: our translators polish up the work of a translation machine to produce a text that is easy to read. It’s quite useful for texts with a repetitive nature.
  • Subtitling and voice-over: need striking subtitles or a pleasant voice-over for your video content? Thanks to our subtitlers and voice actors, you can reach more customers in more languages.
  • Multilingual DTP (desktop publishing): specific file format? We deliver your graphic files in the same layout and with the same formatting. PDF, InDesign, Illustrator… you name it.
  • Interpreting: is your meeting or conference being attended by non-native speakers? We’ll quickly arrange for an interpreter. Plus, ElaN is always the right place for interpretation equipment or a note-taker to take notes during your meeting.
Johan Noël | ElaN Languages
Do you need a translation? Or do you have a specific language-related question?

Mail or call Johan Noël for a tailor-made answer to your question:
customerservice@elanlanguages.com – 011 49 04 68

ElaN Languages always has a customised answer for your language question.
Let our language services convince you. Or request a price quote (at no obligation) today.

We are delighted that PassworD is now part of ElaN Languages. Discover the benefits ElaN Languages offers you.

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We are delighted that Translavic is now part of ElaN Languages. Discover the benefits ElaN Languages offers you.

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