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Four good reasons to choose a dedicated translation partner

06 May 2021

Vertaalburerau ElaN Languages

A simple email in English? You can easily get a colleague to translate it. But what about a massive annual report in French or a website in several languages? Or suppose you want to translate a PDF of a manual into four languages...and also, who will take care of the layout?

As you can see, those who want to keep all their translating in-house will quickly face (unforeseen) obstacles and issues. Even if we’re only considering the time your colleague(s) has/have to spend translating. Time they could much better spend on their ‘actual' work... 

ElaN Languages is your translation expert

A network of 1800 translators, a dedicated team of 16 proofreaders, nine project managers. Go for the professionals at ElaN Languages. They guarantee high-quality translations, taking care of all your translation worries.

  • Personal assistance: questions about your deadline? Instructions regarding style or terminology? Feedback about a translation? Your personal project manager will monitor your translation assignment from start to finish and will answer all of your questions.
  • User-friendly: thanks to our online MyTranslation platform, your requests for quotes and orders are processed so much faster. It also makes it easy for you to keep track of all your translation assignments. Keeping an eye on your costs? You are always up to date with our clear reports.
  • All types of files: whether it concerns a website in French or a brochure in English, we translate any file (graphic, export of online content ...) while maintaining the original layout. You can save yourself a lot of time-consuming and expensive cutting and pasting.
  • Instant translations: sometimes you need it yesterday. Thanks to our Fast Track Service, we deliver your translations of texts of up to 100 words within 3 hours. Useful for your updates on social media or other short translations.

And there are even more reasons why a permanent translation partner is better and cheaper than translating a text yourself. Discover them in our blog post.

Increase your translation comfort

Mail or call Johan Noël, our Business Development Director johannoel@elanlanguages.com – 011 49 04 68. He will be happy to explain how we handle your translation orders efficiently and to perfection.

ElaN Languages always has a customised answer for your language question.
Let our language services convince you. Or request a price quote (at no obligation) today.

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