Free webinar ‘More efficient collaboration across the language border’

1 August 2018
Webinar ‘More efficient collaboration across the language border’

#WeAreBelgium, also professionally?

The Red Devils’ magnificent World Cup achievements have created more unity in Belgium. We are Belgium! Red Together! Great, isn’t it? 

But what is the situation like in a professional context? Do we have an innate, natural understanding of the community across the language border? Are we all focussed on the same goal? Or are there - consciously or unconsciously - subjective prejudices and objective differences that block successful business results with the other language community?

Join us to cross the language border for one hour on Thursday 30 August at noon.


During this webinar, intercultural trainer Fanny Spruytte will explain, in English, how we can free ourselves from these unconsciously created barriers and obstacles. How we, by keeping an open mind, can achieve the best business results and learn to better understand the other language community. It will undoubtedly be good for your turnover. Fanny has lots of practical examples and useful tips & tricks.


Do you want more efficient collaboration across the language border? Register for free!


Any questions before registering? Contact our Training Manager Ingrid Vandormael. She will explain how we will prepare you for smoother collaborations across the language border in one hour (including Q&A).