How to choose a translation agency

19 September 2016
Do you regularly need texts translated? Do you have a large translation project waiting that you can’t manage in-house? Then it’s a good idea to join forces with a translation agency. But how do you find the perfect one? Here’s a few specific tips.

Choose a certified translation agency

You’re not looking for anything less than translations of superior quality. But how do you find a high-quality translation agency? A useful benchmark is the European Quality Standard. In 2008, ElaN Languages was the first translation agency in the Benelux to obtain the EU Quality Standard EN 15038 for translation service providers. This means that our internal business processes are screened, as are the qualifications of our translators and revisers.

Opt for native speakers

Does your preferred translation agency work with native speakers (who translate into their native language)? Then it is highly likely that the translations will feel more “natural”, and that the texts are easy to read. Naturally, just like with native speakers, there is also extensive specialisation among translators.

Translates any file format 

You may not realise it, but you probably often require translations to be done in a specific file format, e.g. PowerPoint, InDesign, or HTML (for websites). Make sure to ask whether your translation agency can deliver the translations in the same file format and even in the same layout. This will save you a lot of time and keep you from having to do a lot of cutting and pasting.

Compare deadlines

It’s not just the quality of the translations that counts; the speed also plays an important role. Ask about the estimated delivery time and see if urgent translations are possible. Please understand, though, that short delivery turnarounds are not synonymous with a lower translation quality.

Revision for quality control

Any translation agency worth its salt will carry out internal quality controls. This includes a thorough revision of the translated texts. ElaN Languages always uses native speakers for this. That way, you’re always sure that the translations meet a certain quality standard.

Price quotes and test translations

Ready to test the waters? A test translation or a trial period provides a safety net. ElaN Languages will happily provide you with a free, one-page test translation (max. 300 words). Tip: make sure to compare multiple price quotes. This way, you’re never caught unawares.

Tailored quote

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