Need large volumes translated? That’s our cup of tea!

7 June 2018
An annual report that’s thick as a fist or a website that has to be translated into six languages? The team at ElaN Languages translation agency is guaranteed to successfully complete these ’colossal projects’ because we have the resources and the expertise for this in-house.

  • Multiple translators: thanks to our network of over 1,800 translators and our in-house team of 18 revisers, we can easily free up the necessary translation capacity in a short amount of time.
  • Staggered delivery: if you want, we can deliver your translation in batches. That way, you can already get started on the first part.
  • Translation memories: these important resources will automatically insert previously translated phrases for our translators. These make the translating process faster and more efficient.
  • Skilled project managers: a dedicated project manager will be allocated to you and will assist in your translation project from start to finish. They’ve got an eye for details and the utmost respect for your deadline.

Good agreements make good friends. So, if you need large volumes translated, it is best to contact us well in advance. This will give us the time we need to find the best translator(s) and revisor(s) for your project. That’s the key to getting the highest quality without a lot of stress, for us and you.


Good to know: at ElaN Languages, your translations are always revised by a second native speaker. However, if you’re on a super-tight schedule or you don’t feel like a revision is necessary, we can shift things up a gear, after mutual consultation, and provide you with an unrevised translation!

We will gladly brainstorm with you! 

Do you have a large translation project in the pipelines? Then please don’t hesitate to contact Johan Noël, our Business Development Director. He’ll be happy to set up an efficient, feasible translation process together with you and will provide you with expert advice to get the job done!


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