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Our translations – Airtight thanks to your feedback

22 September 2020

Feedback bij vertalingen

The well-oiled team at ElaN Languages consists of 1,800 native translators, 16 in-house revisers, and a dedicated team of 8 project managers, among others. Indeed, all our employees are perfectly attuned to each other so as to deliver the highest quality translations. Thanks to your feedback, we complete the quality picture because we take your instructions, comments, and suggestions into account at all times.

Your style, your jargon

Do you use professional jargon or your own business terms? Do you have specific style guidelines? Feel free to give them to us. Our translators and proofreaders systematically apply all your preferences and record them in your terminology lists and translation memories. This ensures that the language used in your translations is always consistent and uniform.

Dot the i’s and cross the t’s

Need specific adjustments made to your translation? Then feel free to request the bilingual .rtf file. This way, we provide you with the final version in the layout of the source file. This is very handy and once again an airtight guarantee that your changes and preferences will be input into the translation memory quickly and correctly.

Always ready to help

Our project managers are your dedicated points of contact, before, during, and after your translation project. Do you have any comments about our translators’ writing styles? Do you have an extra bit of text that needs translating? Our project managers will advise and assist you with every translation request.

Looking for a flawless translation?

Contact Johan Noël, our Business Development Director: 011 49 04 68 –  johannoel@elanlanguages.com. Whatever your translation project, he’s got a practical solution for you.

ElaN Languages always has a customised answer for your language question.
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