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Post-editing: your quality guarantee on machine translations

07 April 2021

Post-editing bij ElaN Languages

Post-editing, the best of both worlds

Thanks to post-editing, we can offer you translations of the highest quality. Are there any other benefits for you?

Your translations are:

  1. Faster: because the translation machine does most of the work, meaning the delivery time is considerably shorter. All that remains for our translators to do is rewriting and give it a final linguistics and quality check.
  2. Cheaper: faster means cheaper. How much you save depends on the quality of the machine translation and on your deadline.

Extra bonus: our post-editors systematically include your terminology and style in all your future translation assignments. So all your texts will remain completely consistent.

When is post-editing beneficial?

That’s a question for our translation consultants. First of all, they will check whether your text is suited for a machine translation. Think of texts with a repetitive nature or that need updating (such as specifications, annual reports, legal contracts, etc.).

A tight deadline? Or limited budget? Post-editing is certainly an option in this case as well.
Once again, our language consultants will do their research and provide you with an answer.

Can post-editing be interesting for me?

Call or mail Johan Noël: johannoel@elanlanguages.com - +32 (0)11 49 04 68. He will give you a clear explanation and will collaborate with you to assess the texts in question.

ElaN Languages always has a customised answer for your language question.
Let our language services convince you. Or request a price quote (at no obligation) today.

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