Is there an expert in the room?

14 March 2019


Okay, the translation of a recipe is usually a piece of cake. But an annual financial report, a medical information leaflet, or a technical construction manual? That’s an entirely different matter...


So choose the safest option and rely on our expertise because ElaN Languages will always treat your texts with expert care. There is a specialist in each discipline who knows your jargon inside out. Professional geeks in the best sense of the word. :-)


Why ElaN and expertise go hand in hand

  • Extensive network: we have a large network of 1,800 native translators in all disciplines.
  • Knowledge of your professional jargon: we always select an expert who has mastered the jargon used in your sector.
  • Top experts in every field: our Resource Managers only select translators who have mastered their field fully.

How can you help make a difference?

Do you have technical terminology lists or specific preferred terms? Feel free to send them to us before or during the translation process. They help us to translate your texts consistently!

How strong are we in your field?

Call or email Johan Noël, our Business Development Director. He will be happy to tell you how we can integrate your specialist and preferred terms into your translations. He’ll also be happy to provide you with references from your sector.


Tel.: +32 (0)11 49 04 68