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Tight deadline? Tips for a faster translation process

30 July 2021

Tips voor een soepel vertaalproces

Working with a tight deadline? A text that needs to be translated urgently? ElaN thinks along with you for a quick and affordable solution, while maintaining the quality you are used to from us.

Therefore, apply these tips and recommendations to all your translations. And save yourself time, money and headaches.

  1. Reserve translation capacity: tell us as soon as possible what you want to have translated into which language and when your translations need to be ready. This way you can be sure that we select the right expert from our pool of 1800 ElaN translators. This also enables us to use several translators at the same time if necessary. The quality remains guaranteed, because one revisor coordinates the use of language and style across all partial translations.
  2. Delivery in parts: at your request and by mutual agreement, we will deliver your translation in stages. You can then already start working with the first part.
  3. No revision = saving time: a regular occurrence at ElaN. A native translator translates your text and re-reads the translation carefully. A revisor then does a thorough language and style check and puts the final touches to it. In some cases, we can drop this extra revision - especially if time is of the essence. These include internal company documents or texts that will be read by a limited group only. Does your document not need an extra revision? Just ask us about it. We are happy to give you expert advice.
  4. Post-editing: with the help of translation machines, your text will be translated much faster. Our translators then fine-tune such a machine translation into a reliable, easy-to-read text - we call this post-editing. We then apply your translation memories to your translation. Remember: not every text and not every subject is suitable for this. But it is always worth asking if your text is eligible for machine translation plus post-editing. ElaN holds the ISO 18587 certificate for post-editing. Based on the desired final quality, the volume and the available time, together we decide on post-editing. We then compare the translation with the source text and do a thorough language, grammar and style check.

Does it have to be done quickly and good

With or without additional revision? Is post-editing an option? Get in touch with Johan Noël: johannoel@elanlanguages.com - +32 (0) 11 49 04 68. He will take a close look at your translation assignment and be happy to give you expert advice.

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