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Top translations on a silver platter

27 August 2020

ElaN Languages - Topkwaliteit

There’s an expression that states “behind every great man there’s a great woman.” The same applies to top translations. Behind every ElaN translation is a dedicated team of project managers, translators and proofreaders who have only one thing in mind: to provide our client with the best possible translations. How do we achieve this? As an ISO-certified agency, we have various irons in the fire.

Professional translators from all fields of expertise

ElaN Languages can rely on a worldwide network of 1800 native translators, with specialisations in all subject areas. This provides us with multitudinous options, allowing us to link the right translator to every translation. And make no mistake, you don't just become an ElaN translator. Enter Patrick Simons, our Resource & Quality Manager and our quality gatekeeper. He selects our translators on the basis of their diploma, experience, references and specialisation. He then presents them with a test translation, which is thoroughly examined by our proofreaders. Do they truly master their field of expertise? Are language, grammar and style up to par? Welcome to ElaN, new translator!

Constant evaluation

So, that’s it then, right? Not at all. If, after a trial period of one to two months, the translator has proven to be very solid, punctual and accurate, they will be given a permanent place in our translation pool. Only for their fields of expertise, obviously. However, this does not mean that they can rest on their laurels, because every translator is constantly and meticulously evaluated. Our proofreaders check all translations, grade them and provide the translator with useful feedback. What is the end result of this thorough screening? Only the cream of the crop will translate your texts.

The perfect match

Only working with the finest translators is one thing. However, it’s just as important to ensure that they are familiar with your professional field and know your jargon and preferred terms. Once again, Patrick to the rescue! He assembles a dedicated group of translators for each subject area and client. This is incredibly handy for our project managers: they can easily choose the perfect match between text and translator - a professional who has mastered your jargon. When it comes to creative translations, we even go a step further and take your personal preferences into account. If so desired, we will let two translators do a test translation. Then you can decide which one you prefer.

Your feedback is of immense value

Translating is always a two-way street. Maybe you have additional instructions that need to be followed? Preferences regarding style or tone of voice? Specific language or jargon? Comments about the translator? A simple mail or call will suffice. Your feedback only enhances the quality of your translation, because we keep your translation memories and terminology up to date based on your comments. Win-win: the translation process runs smoother and your translations remain coherent and consistent. What's more, it enables us to tailor your dedicated team of translators even better to your requirements and preferences.

Looking for an impeccable translation?

Contact our Business Development Director Johan Noël: +32 (0)11/49 04 68 or johannoel@elanlanguages.com.
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