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Translating in-house? Ten reasons to choose a dedicated translation partner

07 March 2021

Vaste vertaalpartner

They say that if you want a thing done well, you should do it yourself. That may be true for a chore around the house, but is it also true for your translations? Because there is more to translating than most people know. What about complex file types, for example? Or a multilingual translation project? These are just a couple of the many hidden pitfalls related to translating. The ultimate consequence? A seemingly cheap(er) solution suddenly turns out to cost you a lot more money. Below are ten reasons why a dedicated external translation partner is better and cheaper than translating in-house.

  1. The golden rule in the world of translation: only a native speaker (a translator who translates into their own native language) can guarantee quality. In concrete terms, you ideally need an employee whose native language is English in order for them to translate your texts into English. And what if you want to have a text translated into several languages? It won’t be long before you start to feel the stress of it all. Hiring a translation agency is no superfluous luxury for this reason alone. Any self-respecting agency has a network of native translators and assigns your translation projects to an expert who knows your sector and jargon inside out.
  2. One of the biggest advantages of working with a translation agency is that it always allocates a dedicated project manager to you. This person manages your translation projects from start to finish. All your worries just melt away. Do you have any preferences in terms of style or tone of voice? Or perhaps you’ve got preferred terminology or professional jargon we need to be aware of? Maybe you have additional instructions that need to be followed? Whatever your translation-related needs, your personal project manager will advise and assist you in every way possible.
  3. Also handy: a translation agency usually works with a management platform. As a result, all of your translation projects run online, making them so much smoother and more efficient. ElaN has this as well. Would you like to request a quote or place an order? One click of a button is all it takes. You can also easily maintain an overview of all your new and completed translation assignments. Trying to keep an eye on your costs? Clear reports and detailed overviews keep you updated at all times.
  4. Do you have texts with a repetitive nature? In that case, it’s advisable to translate them consistently. This is certainly a momentous job for your in-house translator, especially if they don’t have any translation memories; this tool makes it much easier to deliver consistent translations. Sentences or phrases that have previously been translated are automatically stored in the memory. This way, the translator can look them up quickly and integrate them into future translations.
  5. Translation memories are also an ideal tool for consistently translating your professional and company-specific terms. That’s because as soon as the right terms are stored, they will be displayed by the memory every time after that point. An additional advantage that should not be underestimated is that your translation will be cheaper, since there’s a more advantageous rate for words and/or sentences that have already been translated.
  6. A brochure in French? Your website in Dutch? Obviously, you want the layout of the source document to stay the same. That’s easier said than done because texts and images can move or the layout of the page may suddenly look different… Whether you deal with this yourself or outsource it to a graphic design agency, save yourself a lot of time-consuming and expensive cutting and pasting. A translation agency has the expertise to translate all types of files (offline and online) while maintaining the original layout.
  7. The temptation to translate short texts, such as social media posts, in-house can be irresistible. But remember, the slightest mistake can damage your corporate image. Contact ElaN for quick translations of up to 100 words. Our Fast Track Service ensures that your translation is ready within 2 hours. Fast, high-quality, and your in-house translator doesn’t have to drop everything to do this urgent little job immediately.
  8. Which brings us to the availability of your employee(s). If you give them your translation work, they have less time left for their core tasks. Translation time can also increase because, unlike an experienced translator at a translation agency, they don’t have an established routine. And what if your employee is out sick or on holiday? What happens when a lot of text suddenly has to be translated in a short period of time? These concerns are non-existent if you work with a translation agency that precisely meets every deadline of your translation order.
  9. Is your translation project split up among various internal employees and perhaps even an external communication partner? This doesn’t improve the consistency of your texts. A translation agency brings all those key people together. It’s also great for your translation history because your familiar terminology and the style of all these actors are systematically utilised for all your projects. The result? Consistency is maintained and the lowest price is guaranteed by the discounts given for the accrued translation memory.
  10. A translation agency also offers added value for IT issues relating to your translation work, like a multilingual website or e-shop that has to go live, for example. A decent translation agency will advise you on which tools and systems are best suited to get the job done.

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