Translation of your professional jargon - With an eye for precision

3 June 2021

You know your jargon. You know your industry’s terminology. The good news? Translation agency ElaN Languages knows them too.


Whether it is an annual financial report in English, a technical manual in Japanese or a medical leaflet in Italian. At ElaN Languages we translate all your (professional) jargon with the greatest precision.

Why choose ElaN Languages?

Because our translation experts translate your message effectively. In any language, for any target group, however complex.

  • Native  specialist translators: our network of 1800 translators allows us to always select the right translator, someone who knows your professional jargon like no other. Moreover, your translator is always a native speaker who translates into their mother tongue.
  • Dedicated translator(s): we always entrust your texts to the same translator(s). An extra guarantee that your specialist terms are consistently translated.
  • Client-specific translation memories: our translation memories (created per client) and terminology lists ensure that your text is translated faster and more consistently. It is also cheaper, because you get a discount on previously translated parts.

Your feedback is of immense value

Do you have technical terminology lists or specific preferred terms? Other instructions? Feel free to send them to us before or during the translation process. Our translators and proofreaders systematically apply all your preferences and record them in your terminology lists and translation memories. Win-win: the translation process runs smoother and your translations remain coherent and consistent.

Want to know how ElaN manages your professional jargon?

Simply get in touch with Johan Noël. Whatever your translation project, he’s got a practical solution for you.



Tel.: 011 49 04 68