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Understanding translation rates: 4 dos and don’ts

17 October 2016


Thinking of outsourcing your translation assignments? Then there are a couple of aspects that you have to take into account. First of all, obviously, the quality of the translator or translation agency. The price is, however, also important. Here you can find out how you can assess and interpret translation rates.

1. Request a quote from multiple agencies

Selecting a translation agency is about more than simply looking for a quality partner. The rates are also important. In order to be sure that you will reach an interesting agreement, comparing is vital. But beware: do not focus solely on the rates. Inform yourself about the quality as well. 

2. Do not compare apples and oranges

Some translation agencies use an hourly rate, others a rate per word or per character. How to make a comparison? By applying a uniform benchmark. Try to find out how much an average text would cost you. This will make it easier to discover the party that can offer the best price/quality ratio.  

3. Freelancers versus agencies

A preliminary rate comparison will probably show you that freelancers are often cheaper than translation agencies. However, try to focus on more than the price. A translation agency has a richer range of expertise, with translators who know the jargon of every possible industry. On top of that, all translations are systematically proofread at ElaN Languages. You should also take into account that most translation agencies work with translation memories, meaning that all your future translations will be cheaper and more consistent. And would you like to receive your translation in the same format or layout? A translation agency undoubtedly has the tools to take care of this.

4. Get translation subsidies

Interesting information for Flemish SMEs with export plans: you can get subsidies via Flanders Investment & Trade for translations of your digital company communication (such as websites, newsletters or corporate videos). And it’s definitely worth you while: you can get subsidies of up to EUR 6,000 per year.

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