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Want your PDF translated faster? Then send us the original format

02 February 2023

Translation of a pdf

Our translators and revisers do their utmost every day to provide you with flawless translations. And we are more than happy to do this because it’s written in our DNA. But there’s another three-letter acronym that sometimes gives us - and probably you as well - a major headache: PDF. PDF files can be very useful, but they’re also quite difficult to edit, so they’re not suitable for translating in directly.

We can, of course, translate PDF files, but this will be done in Word. And, if we’re able to convert your PDF into a workable format in which we can edit the text, there are always problems that come with this, like issues with the text alignment, images or tables that are not or are only partially converted, different font formatting, etc. In short, you can’t start translating in this kind of converted file without doing extra formatting work.

So, can it be done more efficiently?

Yes. And it’s much easier than you might think. After all, a PDF always starts out as another type of file. So, don’t hesitate to send us the original graphic file format. The advantages are immense:

  • The layout of your translation(s) remains unchanged in comparison to the source.
  • There’s no cutting and pasting by anyone. This means your translations are ready sooner and you save the money that would have been spent on formatting work.
  • We can leverage our translation memories if we have a workable file. This guarantees consistent and less expensive translations.

So, before you have a PDF translated, be sure to check whether you have access to the source file format (this is often an InDesign file). You can run a search task on your computer (copy the file name of the PDF and then paste it in the search box) or send a request for the original format to your graphic design department or partner. Believe us; it’s worth the effort because you save time and money!

Any questions?

If you’ve got a PDF you would like translated and you’ve also got questions about this, then please don’t hesitate to contact Johan Noël: johannoel@elanlanguages.com - 32 (0)11/49 04 68. He will be happy to explain how we can provide you with a translation that can go straight to print.

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